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About Northstar Surveying

Founded in 1979, Northstar Surveying, Inc. provides quality professional land surveying services for both private and public clients, throughout western Oregon. Northstar has always maintained a strong commitment to its clients, and works hard to provide all services in a timely cost effective manner. The company maintains a strong desire to treat each and every client, associate, and consultant with respect and integrity so that we end up with positive long-term relationships.

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In 1979, Northstar Surveying was created to service Oregon in the surveying industry. It has Provided quality professional land surveying services for private and public clients.


As the land surveying technology keeps furthering in our world. We, as a team, met in 2016 and decided to take the next step and use drones for topography maps. We had no idea this industry would boom this fast and become in such high demand.

To add on, our drone department team is branching out to Northsky Drone Service. This is an exciting time for us at Northstar Surveying. We are dedicated to moving forward with technology in the civil world.  


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